We at Architectus Robotica see the floor of every Stadium, Arena and Theatre as a factory.  And like a factory, the conversion of a Stadium, Arena and Theatre, from one event to another, should be quick and efficient, while consciously striving to enhance the end users comfort and overall experience. Unfortunately, owners, facility managers, and audiences, still suffer from the limitations, inherent in all multi-purpose facilities.  The number of events per year, the number of different events offered, and the spectator experience, enriched, or not, by the bowl design and sightlines, are all directly affected by the changeover process.   
Although this commitment to the spectator has been a central goal since the beginning of Public Facilities, the evolution of the conversion process has not kept pace with the technical advancements of our “civilization”. Today our field of expertise, which has developed from basic products to large complex automated systems, reflects our evolution as innovators in assessing the changing societal needs of recreation and assembly spaces.